Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Washougal and Camas
Have your allergies been acting up? Are there odd smells coming from the vents? Have you noticed your HVAC system working less efficiently? If you answered yes to any of these questions it may be time for air duct cleaning in Camas & Washougal. It’s easy to forget your air ducts are even there. Out of sight and out of mind they frequently collect and circulate mildew and bacteria, animal droppings, and dust particles. Without professional duct cleaning from Terry’s Carpet Care these contaminants can build up and cause serious problems.

There are several great reasons to get your air ducts cleaned, including:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency – When your ducts get clogged with excessive dust it can hamper your system’s ability to push air. This reduction in air flow causes your HVAC system to work harder to produce the same level of heating and cooling at the same time it pushes dust out and into the air you breathe. Air duct cleaning in Camas can improve your system’s efficiency to it’s original levels. You’ll get a faster response and extend the life of your entire system.
  • Fungal Allergen Removal – There are two distinct ways your system can push allergens throughout your home. The first is when moisture gets into your ducts and causes the growth of mildew and bacteria. These can spread to other areas of your home, potentially getting behind walls and spreading further. Air duct cleaning in Washougal eliminates mildew and bacteria that can cause illness and allergies. That isn’t the only allergen you have to worry about though.
  • Vermin Allergen Removal – Your air ducts draw fresh air in from the outside. That also makes them a gateway to your home for rodents and insects. Many of these vermin use excrement and urine for tracking and marking purposes. This can circulate into your air through your ducts. Some insects like cockroaches even pose a danger when dead. When their carapaces decompose they can blow into your house causing allergies in young children who have never had them before. Our air duct cleaning in Camas eliminates these threats from your ducts.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Washougal and Camas WA
Our air duct cleaning in Camas and Washougal uses several different methods to achieve the cleanest ducts possible. Our high powered vacuums can snake their way through vents picking up nearly all of the contaminants in your vents. Once completed, our technicians scrub your ducts by hand using thick brushes. With our professional duct cleaning you’ll get a system that only circulates fresh, clean air. Without contaminants in your system you won’t have to worry about the quality of your indoor air and its effects on your family. You may even save money when your system is back to running at peak efficiency.

For comprehensive duct cleaning that provides you with a high functioning, clean, efficient duct system call (360) 335-8087 or Contact Us today.

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Washougal is a fantastic little town with some very special sights. The Two Rivers Heritage Museum is one of Washougal‘s best. Visitors can learn about local lore, culture, and experience early settler life using original machines for fabric making and more.


Camas has a lot to offer visitors and citizens alike. Camas First Fridays are a great time to come out and meet people. Enjoying the local produce and products of Camas natives while businesses stay open later and musicians play is a great introduction to the city.