Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver WA
Strange smells, worsening allergies, and an inefficient system can all be signs that your air ducts aren’t as clean as they should be. It’s easy to forget when air ducts are enclosed, up, and out of the way, but it can have a major impact on your health, happiness, and finances. For air duct cleaning, Vancouver, WA trusts the experts at Terry’s Carpet Care to provide the kind of thorough deep cleaning necessary for the continued health of your home.

Ignoring air duct cleaning can cost you more than money.

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

  • Remove Fungal Allergens – Moisture in a duct system can cause mildew and bacteria to grow. This is especially common in Washington during the rainy extended winters. This may spread to the walls, ceilings, and floors. If it isn’t caught in time extensive damage and costly restoration may be required. These substances are also known allergens. Our air duct cleaning Vancouver WA services deep clean ducts to remove any and all fungal spores and bacteria.
  • Remove Vermin Allergens – Ducts are connected to the outdoors, and this makes them the perfect entry point for rodents and insects. Vermin frequently track and mark territory with urine and excrement. This can easily become airborne, blowing throughout your home. Cockroaches can be even more hazardous. Decomposing exoskeletons turn into fine powder that can actually cause allergies in young children, even when they haven’t previously shown symptoms. With air duct cleaning, Vancouver WA property owners can rest easy. We’ll remove these mobile threats and advise you on the proper prevention techniques.
  • Improve energy efficiency – Clogged ducts can seriously hurt your system. It can greatly reduce air flow, forcing your HVAC system to make up the temperature difference by working harder. Dust particles also circulate, causing allergies. The easiest way to remove dust is with air duct cleaning. This extends the life of your system, returns it to normal efficiency, and reduces contaminant levels.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Vancouver Washington
We use a number of different methods for air duct cleaning in Vancouver WA. Beginning with specially designed high powered vacuums, we’ll vacuum out your vents, trapping and removing many major contaminants. This provides the groundwork.

After vacuuming our technicians hand scrub you vents using commercial grade brushes. These are specifically designed to reach hard to access areas and provide the deepest clean. This ensures your ducts are spotless, clean, and ready for maximum efficiency.

When you’re ready for contaminant free air, our air duct cleaning Vancouver, WA services are just what you need. Stop watching your energy bills increase, worrying about your health, and wondering what’s crawling in your ducts. Let us provide the highest quality servicing for the cleanest ducts.

For total air duct cleaning in Vancouver, WA that delivers an efficient, high functioning, and clean system call (360) 335-8087 or Contact Us today.

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