Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Beaverton
When it comes to pet odor, removal Beaverton residents can trust needs to penetrate deeply into the carpet and fabric. There are a lot of companies advertising odor removal, but they frequently don’t have the experience to do it correctly. At Terry’s Carpet Care our cleaners are certified in pet odor removal. That sets them apart. When it comes to odors you don’t want just any cleaning company. You want experts approved by the IICRC.

What causes pet odor?

Many pet owners may not be aware, but fresh pet odor is just the beginning. Once urine starts to decay the smell really gets bad. This is because the first stage produces ammonia. Once the second stage is reached the process releases mercaptans. You may know these better as the chemical in skunk spray that smells so bad. Removing pet odor doesn’t just protect your sense of smell, it protects your health.

Pet odor can worsen asthma symptoms!

Pet Odor Removal Beaverton, OR
Ammonia is a harmful irritant. Without pet odor removal, Beaverton home owners may risk health complications. In compromised lungs it can cause major problems. Over time it can even harm healthy individuals. The stronger the smell, the greater the level of particles in the air. Our odor removal services protect your health and rid you of these irritants.

Cat urine encourages more bad behavior.

Cat urine smells terrible and means your feline is marking its territory. They will continue to refresh these areas. The best way to eliminate this behavior is by first removing the odor. Until the scent is completely removed even behavioral training will be difficult.

Stop Bad Smells with Pet Odor Removal in Beaverton

Removing pet odors require a deep cleaning that neutralizes and captures odors. Our multiple step process removes odor causing particles from upholstery and carpets. This helps to restore the material while removing contaminants.

  1. The first step is an analysis of your carpet. Our IICRC certified carpet cleaners understand the differences in carpets and upholstery. Material type, age, color, and fiber depth can all make a difference. We choose the right product for your material, allowing us to eliminate even the worst pet odors.
  2. Our technicians treat with green, commercial grade products. We use products designed for deep penetration. This is the best way to trap and neutralize embedded odor. Our green products provide high quality results and are a safer alternative to chemical options.
  3. We finish with commercial grade steam cleaning. Our steam cleaners are made to do more. They pull out filth and dirt from deep within carpets. This removes specific stains, dirt, grime, and particulates invisible to the naked eye. That includes urine, dander, and oils due to animals.

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With 7 day a week service and up-front pricing it’s easy to schedule your carpet cleaning. We often have same day appointments available, and perform pet odor removal Beaverton home, business, and industrial property owners depend on. When you want thorough and affordable IICRC certified pet odor removal in Beaverton call (503) 644-2120 or contact us today.

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