Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Camas
When it comes to pet odor, removal Camas residents are looking for should go deep. Many companies say they can remove pet odors, far fewer have the credentials to do it right. At Terry’s Carpet Care we have the specifically certified cleaners, commercial equipment, and experience to deliver on our promise of complete pet odor removal.

What causes pet odor?

What many pet owners may not know is that fresh urine is only the first phase is unpleasant odor. Once the urine sits long enough it begins to decay. This produces ammonia. That can smell bad enough, but the second stage produces mercaptans. You may know mercaptans better as the chemical skunks spray to defend against predators. Removing pet odor doesn’t just make an environment more pleasant though, it helps your health.

Pet odor can worsen asthma symptoms!

Pet Odor Removal Camas, WA
Ammonia is a major irritant. It can harm the lungs of healthy individuals over time, but in unhealthy lungs it works much more quickly. The stronger the smell, the more irritating particles are in the air. Our odor removal services remove these irritants and help to protect your health.

Cat urine encourages further bad behavior.

Not only does cat urine smell awful, it marks their territory. Cats frequently refresh previously marked areas. The best way to stop the behavior is to remove the odor with a professional deep cleaning supplemented with behavioral training. Until the scent is completely eliminated, your cat may strike again.

Stop Bad Smells with Pet Odor Removal in Camas

The key to completely removing pet odor is with a deep clean that both neutralizes and removes odor particles. We use a multi-step process that sucks odor causing particles right out of your carpet and upholstery. This helps to restore at the same time it eliminates contaminants.

  1. First our IICRC certified carpet cleaner will analyze your carpet. Depending on the fiber depth, material, and color, different products will yield the best results. We carry everything necessary to treat all types of carpet. Our expertise allows us to safely clean even the strongest pet odors from your carpet and upholstery.
  2. Then we treat the area with commercial grade green cleaning products. These are designed for maximum penetration. Cleaning products help trap and neutralize odor causing particles. Our green products are a safer alternative to chemical options while still providing the greatest results.
  3. Lastly we perform commercial grade steam cleaning. These aren’t your grandmothers vacuum cleaners. Our steam cleaners are designed to get deep into carpets and upholstery, pulling out embedded dirt and filth. This removes grime, certain stains, dirt, and particulate matter you can’t even see. That includes oils, urine, and dander caused by pets.

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With up-front pricing and service 7 days a week, our scheduling allows you to get odor removal when you need it. We often provide same day appointments, and work in commercial, industrial, and home properties. When you want affordable, complete, and IICRC certified pet odor removal in Camas call (360) 735-7148 or contact us today.

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