Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Gresham
When it comes to pet odor removal, Gresham resident shouldn’t take any chances. The health problems that can be caused by pet odors can be much greater than the cost of professional odor removal services. We only employ IICRC certified odor removal specialists. This training enables them to remove deeply embedded odors with skill and efficiency. Don’t take a risk on your family’s health. Take your health into your own hands with service from Terry’s Carpet Care.

What is the cause of pet odor?

Pet odor is caused by oils, dander, feces, saliva, and urine. Urine is typically the most pronounced, and worsens over the course of three stages. Many owners don’t realize this, but all pet odor is not created equally. You’re in luck though. No matter what stage your odor has advanced to, our technicians can remove it from your carpets and upholstery.

  1. Fresh Urine: This is the easiest to clean. If you haven’t let it soak into the carpet yet you may be successful using household cleaners. If it penetrates the carpet and is allowed to soak deeper or dry, professional cleaning may be required. At this stage the smell will be contained and mild.
  2. Early Decay: Urine decays. In the first stage of decay this produces ammonia. Ammonia is an irritant and you’ll know it by the sharp smell. It is pungent, may burn your nostrils or lungs, and ammonia can cause health concerns that include an increase in asthma symptoms. Pet odor removal Gresham properties need is a necessity at this point.
  3. Late Decay: When a skunk sprays in self defense that rancid smell is because of a chemical family called mercaptans. In the second stage of decay animal urine produces mercaptans. This can lead to an almost unbearable and very pronounced scent. Our technicians can neutralize and remove mercaptans, eliminating these odors.

Stop bad smells with Pet Odor Removal in Gresham!

Pet Odor Removal Gresham, OR

Get professional help from our IICRC certified carpet cleaners.

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for pet odor removal Gresham residents can depend on. Pet odor comes from different sources, and penetration depends on how long it was allowed to rest and what material it is present in. Our odor removal experts will analysis your carpet and upholstery before starting work. This allows us to choose the right product for your material type, length, color, and depth.

Green products provide a strong and safe clean.

The purpose of pet odor removal is to clean the area. Using a chemical compound that may leave behind a dangerous residue is just trading one bad situation for another. That’s why we only use commercial grade green products. These provide the same effective clean as their man-made counterparts but are a safer alternative to traditional choices.

Commercial grade steam cleaning destroys and removes scent particles.

We use commercial steam cleaners that work into the deepest levels of your upholstery and carpet. They pull out embedded filth and dirt, removing certain stains, oils, dander, and odor causing particulates. This full servicing ensures you get a fresh, clean, and odor free property.

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We can frequently perform same day pet odor removal and provide service for home, commercial, and industrial buildings. When you want the best in affordable green pet odor removal in Beaverton from IICRC certified technicians call (503) 644-2120 or contact us today.