Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Milwaukie OR
When it comes to pet odor removal, Milwaukie property owners shouldn’t risk improper removal. The cost of professional odor removal services pale in comparison to the cost of health issues pet odor can cause over time. We only employ IICRC certified odor removal specialists. With extensive training and our state of the art equipment, our technicians are equipped to remove odors that have deeply penetrated your carpet and upholstery. Don’t risk the health of your family. Take action with help from the experts at Terry’s Carpet Care.

What causes pet odor?

Pet odor stems from saliva, dander, oils, urine, and feces. Urine is typically the smelliest offender, and actually gets worse over time. Pet odor isn’t created equally, and you’ll realize it by the third stage if you haven’t already. Don’t worry though. No matter how bad your pet odor has gotten, our technicians have the skills and equipment to remove it from your upholstery and carpet.

  1. Fresh Urine: This is easier to clean than any other stage. If it hasn’t yet soaked into the carpet, you may find success with standard household cleaners. Once it soaks deeper or dries, you may require professional cleaning. At this point the smell will be mild and contained.
  2. Early Decay: Urine decays over time. The first stage of the decay process creates ammonia. It smells pungent, may burn your lungs or nostrils, and acts as an irritant. Ammonia can cause health concerns that include worsening asthma symptoms. Pet odor removal Milwaukie properties need should be professionally performed at this point.
  3. Late Decay: Mercaptans are what makes the smell of a skunk so horrible. In the second stage of animal urine decay they do the same thing. This can lead to a terrible and strong odor. Our technicians are capable of removing mercaptans and neutralizing these odors, restoring your smell to normal.

Stop bad smells with Pet Odor Removal in Milwaukie!

Get professional help from our IICRC certified carpet cleaners.

Pet Odor Removal Milwaukie
There isn’t a single solution for pet odor removal Milwaukie residents can rely on. Pet odor comes from a variety of sources, and penetrates according to how much time it had to soak into the material it happened on. Our odor removal experts will perform a carpet and upholstery analysis before beginning work. This lets us choose the right products for your material type, depth, length, and color.

Green products provide a strong and safe clean.

The point of pet odor removal is to completely clean an area. If you trust your removal to chemical compounds, you’ll just be trading one ill for another. That’s why we only use commercial grade green products. These deliver the same thorough clean as their man-made counterparts, but are a safer alternative.

Commercial grade steam cleaning destroys and removes scent particles

We use commercial quality steam cleaners that clean deeper than store bought cleaners. They pull embedded filth from deep within your carpet, removing dander, stains, oils, and odor causing particulates. This full servicing provides you with a clean, odor free, and fresh property.

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We can often provide same day pet odor removal and provide service for industrial, home, and commercial buildings. When you want the best in affordable green pet odor removal in Milwaukie from IICRC certified technicians call (503) 644-2120 or contact us today.