Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Vancouver WA
When it comes to pet odor, removal Vancouver WA residents choose should be complete. Many companies claim to remove pet odors, but here at Terry’s Carpet Care we have the certifications, equipment, and experience to achieve it.

What causes pet odor?

What many pet owners don’t realize is that the initial contaminant (pet urine) isn’t the problem. It’s once the urine begins to decay that the smell really becomes noticeable. The first stage of decay results in the production of ammonia. Once it reaches the second stage of decay it produces mercaptans. This is the same substance that makes skunks smell so terrible. Removing pet odor isn’t just beneficial for your sense of smell though, it’s beneficial for your health.

Pet odor can worsen asthma symptoms!

Because it produces ammonia, pet odor caused by urine can be a major irritant. The stronger the smell, the more irritating particles are in the air. This can cause lung irritation, harming healthy lungs over time and hurting already compromised lungs much more quickly.

Cat urine encourages further bad behavior.

Not only does cat urine smell bad, it is also a marking. Cats frequently return to marked areas to mark them repeatedly. The best way to disrupt this cycle is with deep cleaning like professional pet odor removal and training. Until the scent is entirely neutralized, your cat may strike again.

Stop Bad Smells with Pet Odor Removal in Vancouver WA!

Pet Odor Removal Vancouver Washington
The key to removing pet odor is with a deep clean that doesn’t just mask, but actually removes the particles that cause odor. We use a multi-step process that actually pulls odor from your upholstery and carpets. This helps to restores the area at the same time it eliminates odor causing agents.

  1. First our IICRC certified carpet cleaner will diagnose your carpet. Different materials, depths, and colors of carpet receive better results with specific products. We carry everything necessary to treat any carpet. Our expertise allows for a deeper clean that keeps your carpet and upholstery safe.
  2. Then we treat the area with commercial grade green cleaning agents. These penetrate the carpet and upholstery to surround and neutralize odor causing agents.
  3. Lastly we steam clean using commercial grade systems. These aren’t your regular vacuum cleaners. Our steam cleaners are specifically designed to deep clean. They remove surface stains, dirt, grime, and particulate matter you don’t see. That includes decaying urine, oils, and dander due to the presence of pets.

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Our prices are always up-front, and with 7 day a week service we’ll find the perfect time for your pet odor removal. Same day appointments are frequently available, and we remove odor in home and commercial settings. When you want fast, affordable, complete pet odor removal in Vancouver, WA call (360) 735-7148 or contact us today.

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