Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal Washougal
When it comes to pet odor, removal Washougal residents should choose the company that completely removes an odor at the particulate level. Many companies claim they remove pet odor, but without the requirements to back it up it you may end up disappointed. At Terry’s Carpet Care we have the experience, equipment, and required certifications to enforce our promise to you—complete pet odor removal.

What causes pet odor?

Many pet owners don’t know it, but odor is more complicated than it may seem. It’s not fresh urine that causes the biggest problem, it’s old urine. Decaying occurs in two stages, and the first stage produces ammonia. This is pungent on its own, but stage two is where a scent really gets bad. Further urine decay produces the same chemical skunks use on predators. Removing odors doesn’t just help your sense of smell though, it’s good for your health.

Pet odor can worsen asthma symptoms!

Because of ammonia, pet odor due to urine can irritate lungs. The severity of the irritation depends on how strong the smell is. The worse it gets, the more irritants there are. This can harm healthy lungs over time, and damage compromised lungs much faster.

Cat urine encourages further bad behavior.

Cat urine doesn’t just smell terrible, it also marks territory. Cats will often return to previously marked areas to refresh them. The best way to disrupt this behavior is with deep cleaning like professional pet odor removal in addition to behavioral training. Until the scent is completely eliminated, your cat may strike again.

Stop Bad Smells with Pet Odor Removal in Washougal!

Pet Odor Removal Washougal WA
The key to eliminating pet odor is with deep cleaning that doesn’t just hide, but actually removes the odor causing particles. We use a multi-step process that pulls odor out from within carpets and upholstery. This helps to restore the area and eliminate agents of odor.

  1. First our IICRC certified carpet cleaner will assess your carpet. Different colors, material types, and carpet depths respond better to certain products. We carry everything required to clean any carpet. Our knowledge allows for a deeper clean while maintaining the safety of your upholstery and carpet.
  2. Then we treat the fabric with commercial grade green cleaners. These penetrate the upholstery and carpet to neutralize and overtake odors. They are safe for use around pets and small children, because being clean shouldn’t compromise personal safety.
  3. Lastly we use commercial grade steam cleaners. These aren’t standard issue vacuum cleaners. Our steam cleaners are factory made for deep cleaning. They remove grime, dirt, surface stains, and particles you can’t even see. That includes dander, decaying urine, and oils due to the presence of pets.

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With up-front pricing and 7 day a week service, we’ll find the perfect time for your pet odor removal in Washougal. We frequently book same day appointments, and work in and around commercial and home settings. When you want affordable, complete, fast pet odor removal in Washougal call (360) 735-7148 or contact us today.

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