Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Camas & Washougal
In our wet climate it can be especially easy for mildew, dirt, grime and other contaminants to build up on surfaces. They don’t just make a property look unpleasant. These contaminants can actually cause excessive premature wear, safety hazards, and even spread to home interiors. You can have beautiful contaminant free surfaces again. The key is professional pressure washing in Camas & Washougal by Terry’s Carpet Care.

There are a variety of reasons to hire a professional for pressure washing in Camas. You wouldn’t let just anyone work on your car, and locals rely on us for all their pressure washing in Washougal for the very same reason.

Professional Power Washing

  • Correct nozzles and spray settings prevent damage – Every material is different, and it can be easy for a layman to think they’ve got the right setting when they don’t. Once you’ve damaged your property, there’s no turning the clock back. Our pressure washing technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about every material type. They’ve performed pressure washing hundreds of times, and can thoroughly clean your surfaces without the risk of damage.
  • Aged surfaces and material types require different methods – An older fence and a new fence may appear structurally similar, but the elements have significantly weakened the structural integrity of the former. Professional pressure washing guarantees the delicate touch your property needs. The distance to hold a pressure washer is a learned skill, and one our technicians have mastered. A layman can actually strip siding, break fencing, and wear away brick, concrete, and paint without meaning to. We’re so adept at pressure washing in Washougal we can safely clean even delicate surfaces like roofs.
  • Professional care means professional results – When you get pressure washing in Camas you want to make a surface look better. Damaging your property with improper pressure washing eliminates that opportunity. Our professional technicians exercise extreme care and skill. We’ll have your property looking beautiful, and get your surfaces free of grime that can pose a major slipping hazard, especially to the elderly. When you want results without the risk of damage, you want professional pressure washing in Washougal.

Pressure Washing Includes:

Pressure Washing Camas & Washougal WA
Pressure washing is a fantastic way to beautify your property while removing the risk of hazardous slips and spreading mildew. When you want pressure washing in Camas & Washougal performed with care, consideration, and skill call (360) 335-8087 or Contact Us today.

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Washougal is a gorgeous little city nestled next to the beautiful Columbia River. With some wonderful trails and a great sense of history, visitors should make sure to stop by the Two Rivers Heritage Museum. With knowledgeable volunteers and hands on exhibits it’s an incredible place to learn about Washougal.


Camas is a great city with a strong sense of community. This is never more evident than at Camas First Fridays. This is when the residents of Camas come together to enjoy local food, produce, drinks, and music as businesses keep their doors open well past closing time.