Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout flooring, counter tops, bathrooms, and shower surfaces can easily lose their luster when dirt, grime, and mildew build up. These substances adhere to surfaces, and can turn them into breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Take your counters, flooring, and tile surfaces back with professional tile and grout cleaning in Gresham from Terry’s Carpet Care.

Professional tile and grout cleaning don’t just take the burden of cleaning off your hands. It can significantly extend the life of your surfaces. Grout and tile can be sensitive, and the wrong cleaner type or improper tool use can cause permanent damage. If the purpose of cleaning is to beautify and sanitize, then you definitely don’t want to risk doing it improperly. Our technicians are professionally trained, certified, and experienced in tile and grout cleaning in Gresham. You’ll see the difference in our work, and so will your friends and family.

Our tile and grout cleaning service is:

Tile and Grout Cleaning Gresham

  • Safe on Grout and Tile
  • Safe for Pets and People
  • Odorless
  • Eco-Firendly
  • Protects and Cleans Surfaces

Tile Cleaning in Gresham

There are a variety of tile types, many of which are porous and have deep natural crevices. These crevices are magnets for mildew, bacteria, mold, and much more. They don’t just end up looking dirty, they can actually become physically unhygienic. This is especially true in bathrooms where common bacteria include athletes foot and other fungal maladies. These areas can even begin to smell, which can hurt business or even present a health violation. Our tile and grout cleaning in Gresham gives you the kind of deep clean you can’t get with over the counter products and elbow grease. Our methods are safe, tested, and designed to deep clean tile in even the most difficult areas.

Harsh cleaners can cause tiles to fade, or physically damage them. Our tile cleaning only uses tile safe processes. As tough as we are on grime and dirt we take great care with our clients tiles. Whether antique or brand new, we strive to restore lifeless tile to a state of cleanliness and vibrancy. Using only certified methods and a very specific set of professional tools ensures there’s no risk of damage to your investment. Skilled technicians, the right equipment, and eco-friendly cleaners make us the right choice for tile and grout cleaning in Gresham.

Grout Cleaning in Gresham

Tile and Grout Cleaning Gresham OR
Grout cleaning in Gresham requires the correct methods and gentle yet effective products. Using an incorrect cleaner or even applying excess pressure can cause tiles to crumble or break. Too little pressure and grime remains. Grout cleaning in Gresham is an acquired skill, and our technicians have been trained by the best. IICRC certifications for all our grout cleaning technicians allow us to provide you with exceptional grout cleaning services.

When your grout gets dirty it can look contaminated, becoming discolored and harboring bacteria and other matter. Traditional home cleaning methods can actually damage your grout. The wrong substances may cause it to dry and crack, even damaging sealants. We use professional-grade cleaners that are gentle enough to be safe on grout, but strong enough to completely clean even difficult to reach areas.

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